Pilgrim Visits from Faversham - Part 2

Sunday, August 27, 2017 - 12:15

As introduced in our first blog update on pilgrim visits from Faversham, one of the many advantages to visiting the Shrine of Saint Jude is that pilgrims have opportunities to add to their Christian experience after a visit to us. Our blog is taking a semi-regular look at some of the pilgrimage sites you can visit whilst down here – the Shrine of Saint Jude can then simply be the start; middle or end of your pilgrimage.
Last time on this blog, we discussed Canterbury Cathedral and the interesting areas and shrines there for the pilgrim, so we've decided to stick with Canterbury for this next update, and discuss the wonderful: St Augustine's Abbey.
This great abbey, which marks the rebirth of Christianity in southern England, was founded shortly after AD 597 by Saint Augustine. It is situated outside the Roman and medieval city walls of Canterbury, and is on the main road east out of the city to the Kent coast. Most of the abbey is now in the care of English Heritage – other parts are also occupied by the King’s School and Canterbury prison. However, under the areas owned by English Heritage, it is possible to see: parts of the main cloister buildings; main gates; the infirmary; and the outer court, plus numerous chapels and important tombs of Anglo-Saxon kings and some Archbishop's of Canterbury. 
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