Societies of Prayer

In addition to the Guild of Saint Jude there are a number of 'Societies of Prayer' at the National Shrine of Saint Jude at Faversham through which supporters of the Carmelites can have their prayer intentions remembered by the friars. These include:
  • The Society of the Infant Jesus
  • The Society of the Little Flower
  • The Society of Saint Jude
  • The Holy Souls Society (Altar List of the Dead)

The statue of the 'Infant Jesus of Prague' at Faversham.

The Societies of the Infant Jesus, the Little Flower, & Saint Jude
Before the Second World War, the Prior of the Carmelite friars at Faversham, Fr. Elias Lynch, O.Carm., established three 'Societies of Prayer', namely The Society of The Little Flower in honour of Saint Thérèse of Lisieux, The Society of the Infant Jesus of Prague, and The Society of Saint Jude.

These Societies continue to exist and are a very popular way for people to express their faith, participate in our Carmelite devotions, and support our ministry of service to God's people.

Members of each Society are enrolled for a year, during which time a Mass is celebrated every month for their spiritual and temporal welfare. Members each receive a novena prayer card of the appropriate Society. It is possible to enrol yourself and others in either or all Societies, and whilst there is no set fee, a donation of £1.50 (or more) per person per society is suggested. This money supports the Carmelite brothers and our work to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ in Britain and beyond.

The Society of the Infant Jesus is affiliated to the Shrine of the Infant Jesus cared for by our Discalced Carmelite brothers in the Czech capital of Prague, where the original statue of the Infant Jesus has been revered since the 17th century.

The Society of Saint Jude

The Society of the Little Flower at Faversham is distinct from and pre-dates the Society of the Little Flower Trust which is operated by the Curia of the Carmelite Order. 

You might like to consider enrolling yourself, family or friends in one or both of the Societies of Prayer at Faversham. If you would like to enrol yourself and/or others, please send a list of names and addresses, along with your donation (by cheque made payable to Carmelite Friars) to:

Carmelite Friars
PO Box 289, FAVERSHAM, Kent, ME13 3BZ

Alternatively you can enrol online through our shop.

The image of Saint Thérèse in the parish church
served by the Carmelite friars at Faversham.

Holy Souls Society