Welcome dear pilgrim!

Today people feel a helplessness that they have never felt before. In the face of a virus that spreads rapidly and has led to the death of many thousands of people around the world, we are caught between fear and hope, given that along with those who have died, an even greater number have been cured.

By using this website, the Shrine of Saint Jude wishes to offer a space that will help people to pray, for themselves and for the people they love. We offer various online services that will keep running throughout this period of uncertainty (please click on the boxes below). Remember we will keep praying for you and we know that Saint Jude will stay with you - he is a friend to all of us and he is the Saint of Hope. Please note that the Shrine will not be physically open (including any weekend) until later in 2021, but all our online services continue as before. In addition, we are continuing to answer emails, telephone calls and letters, and the newsletter is still being sent out four times a year. Each Friday, we add a new reflection and prayer to help our friends through this Pandemic. 

Latest Reflection: Saint Jude and Friendship - part 2 (11 June 2021)