11 March 2022


The Narrative of the Fig Tree
by Veronica Errington

with reference to  Mark 11:12-14, 20-25;  Luke 13: 6-9;  John 1: 45-51

I am the fig tree
unmentioned in Eden – 
I grew nevertheless
and flourished in Palestine,
unredeemed I confess.

In Bethany
barren of fruit
I was ashamed 
when unable to give my Lord
the nourishment He claimed.

My life-sap
failed me then.
I withered, cursed
heart-rotten, untethered
from the sweet life-giving earth.

A gardener came – 
that same who shifted stone
from Death’s cruel grave.
He begged a grace of second chance
with mulch and water from his side to save.

A Tree Redeemed!
My leaves turned to the light,
gave sacred shade for prayer,
shelter to one who dreamed, and was a lightning rod
for angels who descended there.

Why not read Mark 11:12-14, 20-25;  Luke 13: 6-9;  John 1: 45-51 now...

Lord Jesus, be in my head and in my understanding, in my words and in my actions, in my faith and in my prayers.

Let us pray... 
Gracious and Holy Father,
give us the wisdom to discover You,
the intelligence to understand You,
the diligence to seek after You,
the patience to wait for You,
eyes to behold You,
a heart to meditate upon You,
and a life to proclaim You,
through the power of the Spirit of Jesus, our Lord. Amen.

- Saint Benedict


Image credit: I stock photo .com/Christine_Kohler