12 June 2020

Lord Jesus Christ, I come before you today with a prayer for my sick family members. I give You thanks for Your unending love for [name of the person who needs healing]. I know You are aware of their illness and what it is doing to them. I pray that you may have compassion and heal them from their ailments.

Jesus our Lord, we all know that we are not worthy to receive You but only say a word and all our sickness shall be healed. Lord, forgive us and cleanse us from our sins. Your Holy Word says that when You healed those who were sick, You did that by forgiving them their sins.

The Holy Bible tells us that whatever we shall ask in Your Name shall be given. The blind man, Bartimaeus called out Your name and begged to see again, and You restored his sight. Jesus, today I come to You in prayer shouting in faith to you that You restore [names of sick family members] health.

Teach me and them gratitude so that after they receive the healing, I and they may come back to You in prayer to thank you for healing my sick family members.

Jesus Christ, You have taught us about patience through the Holy Spirit. I know that not everyone can be healed. If that is the case, let your peace descend upon [names of sick family members] and keep their hearts at peace, help them to understand your plan for them.