At today’s Mass at the Vatican, Pope Francis said these very helpful words in his Homily: 

“At times, it seems that everything comes up against a stone: the beauty of creation against the tragedy of sin; liberation from slavery against infidelity to the covenant; the promises of the prophets against the listless indifference of the people. So too, in the history of the Church and in our own personal history. It seems that the steps we take never take us to the goal. We can be tempted to think that dashed hope is the bleak law of life. Today however we see that our journey is not in vain; it does not come up against a tombstone. Why do you think that everything is hopeless, that no one can take away your own tombstones? Why do you give into resignation and failure? Easter is the feast of tombstones taken away, rocks rolled aside. God takes away even the hardest stones against which our hopes and expectations crash: death, sin, fear, worldliness. We, as Church, are built on Him, and, even when we grow disheartened and tempted to judge everything in the light of our failures, He comes to make all things new, to overturn our every disappointment…The Risen Christ the one who rolls back from our heart the heaviest of stones. So, let us first ask: What is the stone that I need to remove, what is its name?” - Pope Francis

Let us pray..
Tender-hearted God,
renew the gift of the Holy Spirit within the Carmelite Family 
as we seek to live following in the footsteps of Jesus Christ.
Teach us, like Mary, to contemplate your wisdom.
Fill us, like Elijah, with zeal for your glory.
Inspire us, like Simon Stock, to ponder your will in times of change.
Like Teresa, John, Thérèse and Titus,
may we live always in your presence,
and make us prophets of your Kingdom.

May our lives of prayer, community, and service
be a sign to the world that God lives, in whose presence we stand.

This grace we ask in Jesus' name. Amen.