28 May 2021


God, In Whom I Trust

By Aldrick Monteiro 


Do you wish you could win the Lottery,
Is advanced aging causing you grief.
Are you wanting, struggling and feeling doddery,
Have you no self worth or belief.

How many times have you felt hopeless,
Contemplating how futile life can be.
When were you last blessed with real happiness.
When did you last open your eyes to see.

God is all knowing and all seeing,
He knows your life and your fate.
God is in the very depths of your being,
Access him now before it is too late.

He promises a full life to all who believe,
Asking us to love our neighbour, and forgive.
His requests are not impossible to achieve,
With God’s guidance we can truly live.

Christ came to earth without his glory,
He came that men might find their God.
He came with a wonderful blessed story,
Of salvation and hope from Our Lord.

It would not be easy he candidly had said,
He would not take away every ill and pain.
If we persevered, we would be rewarded,
In Heaven with Jesus, we would reign.

Jesus died for all, once and for ever,
The salvific business was done on Calvary.
The devil was defeated, and now would never,
Be the cause of endless adversity.

Let us pray..

Almighty Lord God, give us true faith, and make that faith grow in us day by day. Also give us hope and love, so that we may serve our neighbors according to your will; through your Son, Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever. Amen.

I was originally from Pakistan, coming to England in 1960 at the age of six. In 1972 I was diagnosed with schizophrenia which I have been fighting for nearly 50 years.
       I live in Harrow, Middlesex. I never miss Sunday Mass unless I cannot help it. I realise how I have been blessed by God, and I am never complacent.