29 January 2021



Fr Ged Walsh, O.Carm

I was very interested and pleased to learn that Gabriel the Archangel is the Patron Saint of Postal Workers. I thought that they could have no greater saint as their patron. Gabriel was God’s messenger who brought news of great joy to Mary at the Annunciation, to Zechariah in the temple, concerning the birth of John the Baptist, to Joseph in a dream, telling him to take Mary as his wife and then to the Shepherds in the fields at the Birth of Jesus.

During this time of Pandemic, our Postal Workers have continued to brave the virus as well as all weathers and difficult situations, to bring important news, greetings and communications to our communities, especially the elderly and isolated who may not have access to the internet and email.

Probably one of the worse parts of the lockdown has been the isolation so many of our older and infirm people have experienced – parents and grandparents not being able to meet with their children and grandchildren. The Postal Service has provided the means for that all-important contact. Their service has and continues to be invaluable to all our communities, especially allowing us to keep in touch by means of greetings cards and letters. The Postal Workers deserve our deep appreciation, working in what can only be described as very trying circumstances.

The Shrine of Saint Jude would like to highlight the dedicated service of all Postal Workers both at home and abroad. We commend them to your prayers and we say a great big THANK YOU!


Loving and gracious God,
we ask you to bless all Postal Workers.
Keep them in your special care,
and keep them safe as they continue to carry out their duties,
especially during this time of Pandemic and Lockdown.
We ask this through Christ our Lord.