9 April 2021


Caring for others

by Colette Sharrock

When I retired from Addenbrookes hospital I decided that I still had enough energy to continue working and chose to become a carer in the Community. Many of the people I cared for were living alone and usually lonely. I was possibly the only person they saw and spoke with each day.  Apart from the routine of washing and dressing and preparing their food I tried to make time to chat.  They loved to tell their life stories and they loved to reminisce.  Some didn't have families nearby; some did have families, but sadly never saw them very much. 

This, of course, was long before the Pandemic and now there are many more people feeling alone and isolated. However, throughout these difficult times, carers have continued their work. 

We can't all be carers, but with a little effort we could all make a difference by making a call to someone we know is alone just to say hello; how are you? It would mean so much to them. Why don't you do that today?

Let us pray…

Lord, give us the wisdom to know ourselves, the humility to accept ourselves as we really are and the courage and independence to defend what we know to be right.  Help us to respect the needs of others, being always ready to dedicate our own talents to their service. 

Give us the strength to suffer the trials and tensions of life with fortitude and the vision to see through suffering to the peace which lies beyond.

May we by our tolerance be a constant support to each other and a source of strength to our families whom we commend to Your care.

Colette is a Guild of Saint Jude Life member and has been a supporter of the Shrine for many years. She volunteers in Lourdes for two weeks each year.