Carmelite Holy Souls Society

The Holy Souls Society (Altar List of the Dead)

The Carmelite Holy Souls Society reminds us that the Church is not confined to this world, but extends into the next as well. By praying for the dead, as we prayed for them when they were alive, we can establish a special link with the communion of saints.
We remember them in prayer and we ask them to pray for us. It is a helpful reminder that our brothers and sisters who die do not lose their identity, or their relationship with us. They remain the people that they were and the core of their identity is carefully preserved by God as they are transformed by God’s love and set free to love.
Prayer, true prayer, is always an act of love. Our Catholic Christian tradition assures us that our prayer for the Holy Souls is one of the ways in which God loves our departed brothers and sisters into life in all its fullness. It is a gift of the tenderness of God to allow us to share in this loving process.
We continue to remain in union and solidarity with the Holy Souls as we celebrate the Eucharist because that celebration is with the Body of Christ on earth and in heaven. Mass is the great sacrifice of holiness, presence and mission. The Church prays for the dead in every Mass and so recalls every day those whose holiness inspires us and which we still feel and appreciate. Praying for the dead also reminds us that our ultimate mission is not on this earth, but to be with God in heaven. 
For many years, the National Shrine of Saint Jude has promoted the Carmelite devotion to the souls of the departed by establishing an Altar List of the Dead that is renewed each year. Add the names of your dead relatives and friends who you would like to be included in our prayers for the Holy Souls. 
All the Holy Souls on your list become members of the Carmelite Holy Souls Society for the year. 
Membership includes:
1. A daily Mass for deceased relatives and friends through the year* 
2. A Mass each month for deceased members and benefactors
3. A share in the Masses, prayers and good works of the whole Carmelite Order. 
There is no fixed membership fee, or annual subscription. Please donate what you would like for your names to be added to the Holy Souls Society. 
Mass will be celebrated every day for the Souls of those whose names are inscribed on our Altar List of the Dead. 
*except the three days of Holy Week

All deceased supporters are added to the Holy Souls Society each year.