2021 Annual Fund

Wednesday, August 25, 2021 - 07:00

We are looking for your support in three areas, and we would be very grateful if you could help us in some way. All donations will help keep the Carmelite Order and its work secure for many generations to come.

Every gift makes a difference

The three areas in which we are looking for support are:

National Shrine of Saint Jude – we know that Saint Jude is a friend to all of us and he is the Saint of Hope, since with God no situation is hopeless. Now things are opening up across England, people and pilgrims will want to search for the hope that Saint Jude provides by visiting his Shrine. We therefore expect more visits to the Shrine this year than we have probably experienced before. As such, we must sort out the walls, ceilings, lighting, and roofs which are all in need of repair, so that our visitors have a safe and healthy visit. However, it is also imperative that we sort out all office areas too so that our staff and friars can safely work here once more.

Vocations – we would like to ensure that the Carmelites continue to preach the Good News of God’s love for all - now and in the future. Those who choose to join the Carmelite Order join a small group of brothers who are involved in the work of preaching the Gospel and witnessing to the presence of God in the world. At the moment, two men are in training and these young Carmelites need your support in their early years of training for ministry. 

Where we need it most – the Carmelite Charitable Trust must deal with a variety of unexpected costs, some which cannot be deferred. With your contributions this task is made much easier.

However, this year we are very pleased to announce that, we will be creating a garden called the Saint Jude ‘Garden of Hope’ behind the Shrine Office. This will be dedicated to those people who donate to the Annual Fund or for those people you have asked to be remembered. The names are renewed each year. If you are able, you can add an extra donation for the work we are doing to the garden on the link here. 


Please do consider filling in a standing order form and our gift aid form. If five hundred friends of Saint Jude were to give £10 a month, we would raise an incredible £60,000 extra each year. This would have a transformational effect in the work we do. 

Thank you for all your support and for all your prayers, without which the Province could not continue.