Book of the Month

Thursday, March 16, 2023 - 08:15

We have a huge collection of books on so many different topics, including Saint Jude, Carmelite spirituality, the Apostles, Christianity, and so much more. You can look at our selection of books, here

This month, we want to highlight the excellent book: 'Profiles of Holiness - Book 1' which outlines the lives of over fifteen Carmelite saints and martyrs. It is written in a really fluent and interesting way - shining a fascinating light on some lesser well-known saints. For the next two weeks, we will sell this special book for just £6.57 (40% off). 

Please let us know what you think? This excellent book is the first of four editions looking at the various Carmelite saints and blesseds around the world. We hope you enjoy the read.