Happy Feast of Saint Walburga

Saturday, February 25, 2023 - 21:15

Today is the Feast Day of Saint Walburga! Saint Walburga is the patron saint against plague, rabies and coughs because she was a noted healer.

Saint Walpurga or Walburga (c. AD 710 – 25 February 777 or 779) was an Anglo-Saxon missionary to the Frankish Empire. She was canonised on 1 May c. 870 by Pope Adrian II.

Walpurga was born in the county of Devon, England, into a local aristocratic family. She was the daughter of Saint Richard the Pilgrim, an underking of the West Saxons, and of Saint Wuna of Wessex, and had two brothers, Saint Willibald and Saint Winibald.

She was educated at Wimborne Monastery in Dorset, where she became a nun. In 748, she was sent with St. Lioba to Germany to help Saint Boniface in his missionary work.

Let us pray to Saint Walburga to help all those who are ill and in pain.

Saint Walburga, pray for us; Saint Jude, pray for us.