Holy Tuesday

Tuesday, March 30, 2021 - 10:45

Having said this, Jesus was deeply disturbed and declared, 'In all truth I tell you, one of
you is going to betray me.' The disciples looked at each other, wondering whom he
meant. The disciple Jesus loved was reclining next to Jesus; Simon Peter signed to him
and said, 'Ask who it is he means,' so leaning back close to Jesus' chest he said, 'Who is
it, Lord?' Jesus answered, 'It is the one to whom I give the piece of bread that I dip in
the dish.' And when he had dipped the piece of bread he gave it to Judas son of Simon
Iscariot. At that instant, after Judas had taken the bread, Satan entered him. Jesus then
said, 'What you are going to do, do quickly.'

None of the others at table understood why he said this. Since Judas had charge of the
common fund, some of them thought Jesus was telling him, 'Buy what we need for the
festival,' or telling him to give something to the poor. As soon as Judas had taken the
piece of bread he went out. It was night. When he had gone, Jesus said: Now has the
Son of man been glorified, and in him God has been glorified. If God has been glorified
in him, God will in turn glorify him in himself, and will glorify him very soon. Little
children, I shall be with you only a little longer. You will look for me, and, as I told the
Jews, where I am going, you cannot come.

Simon Peter said, 'Lord, where are you going?' Jesus replied, 'Now you cannot follow
me where I am going, but later you shall follow me.' Peter said to him, 'Why can I not
follow you now? I will lay down my life for you.' 'Lay down your life for me?' answered
Jesus. 'In all truth I tell you, before the cock crows you will have disowned me three

- John 13: 21-33, 36-38

This is the third day of Holy Week. The texts of the Gospel of these days place before us the terrible facts which will lead to the imprisonment and condemnation of Jesus. 
The texts not only present the decisions of the religious and civil authority against Jesus, but also the betrayal and the negotiations of the disciples which rendered possible for the authority to arrest Jesus and contributed enormously to increase the
suffering of Jesus.

Let us pray..

Lord our God, your Son Jesus Christ had to undergo the humiliation of being betrayed
and denied by those he called his friends. But he made his suffering and death into
instruments of love and reconciliation.
Make us with him people-for-others, who accept difficulties, even betrayals and
misunderstanding of our best intentions, and turn them into sources of life and joy for
those around us.
Keep us faithful to you and to one another through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Now, pray our Easter novena or add your intentions to the Easter novena of Masses.

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