Lent 2020

Monday, February 24, 2020 - 07:00
Lent begins on Ash Wednesday (26 February 2020). This is the annual occasion when we can focus on our faith, the way we live it and the way we might change our lives in the light of the faith. 
This year the church in England and Wales is celebrating the God who speaks in the "Year of the Word of God". The idea is to emphasise that God really does speak to us in Scripture. Of course, our patron and friend, Saint Jude, is the author of one of the shortest letters in the New Testament. It is important then, as Jude’s friends, to be women and men of the Word. 
One of the ways we can place more stress on the Word of God in our lives is to devote more time to praying with Scripture. Lent is a good time to begin this practice and as in previous years, the Prior Provincial, Fr Kevin Alban has suggested using the gospels of the five Sundays as a starting point. 
We will add these reflections on the Thursday before each Sunday of Lent on our special page. Please bookmark it today!