Shrine currently closed

Unfortunately, the resolution of this Pandemic crisis is taking much longer than anyone anticipated. The Bishops in England and Wales have wisely insisted on a number of precautions that make it impossible for the moment to re-open the Shrine of Saint Jude. Those of you who know the chapel dedicated to Saint Jude know how small it is. I doubt we could get more than two people in the Shrine at any one time!! If things start to get better, we would hope to be able to open later in 2021.

At the Shrine, we have various online services that will keep running throughout this period of uncertainty (please click on the boxes below). However, all our online services are available, and we are still answering letters, emails and phone calls.

Remember we will keep praying for you and we know Saint Jude will stay with you - he is a friend to all of us and he is the Saint of Hope.