Saint Jude at home

What is Saint Jude at home?
We all recognise the need to develop our relationship with God through prayer. Sometimes we find this is not easy! What to say? How to say it? Am I doing this the right way? These are all questions that come to mind. One way in helping your prayer life is to imagine one of the saints with you, supporting you. Saint Jude is particularly helpful in this regard because, as we all know, he is the patron of those who have no one else to turn to. He is especially venerated because of his intercession for all those who have reached the end, but he is also a guide to many of us, and many pray to him because he is particularly helpful. 
Those who subscribe to Saint Jude at home receive a pack of five cards, which includes reflections and prayers on a particular subject, each month. We hope that these cards will help each of us in our daily lives through prayer and reflection with Saint Jude. Authors writing future reflections, include: Fr Kevin Alban, O.Carm; Fr John Warrington; Mr Matt Betts; Fr Ged Walsh, O.Carm; Dr Johan Bergström-Allen (TOC); Fr Nicholas King, SJ; and Rev. Hugh Parry; plus many more in the pipework. A good mix of Carmelite, Jesuit, parish and lay authors! 
You can subscribe below: just £8.50 per month or £85 for the year; or if you are a Guild member, it’s just £7.50 per month or £75 for the year. If you subscribe for the year, you get two months for free.
Since 1955, the shrine in Faversham has been a centre of devotion to Saint Jude in the UK. Through the contributions of those devoted to Saint Jude, we have supported the presence and ministries of the Carmelite Friars in Great Britain, and the great work of the missions around the world. Your donation will make a real difference to our work.