Reflection on the Fourth Sunday of Lent

Fourth Sunday of Lent - 19 March 2023: The Man Born Blind
(John 9:1-41)
Never since the world began has it been heard that anyone opened the eyes of a man born blind.
The Jewish leaders want to drive a wedge between God and Jesus to discredit him and prevent him from attracting a strong following.
o “Give God the glory”, they say, not Jesus by implication. But we know from the beginning of John’s gospel that Jesus is from God.
o “He is a sinner by breaking the sabbath”, they say. But Jesus reveals the true meaning of the sabbath.
o “We follow Moses”, they say. But John reminds us that Moses spoke of a Messiah that points forward to Jesus.
Sometimes we can take refuge in the comfortable truths of our conventional understanding of religion. The figure of Jesus challenges us to take on board truths which speak to us in a new way.


Photo is from The Recovery of the Blind, Basilica di St. Apollinare Nuovo