9 July 2021

A LEADER’S PRAYER by Mrs Daisy Betts

Dear Lord I am standing here trying to pray somehow,
if ever I thought I needed you I know I need you now.

Stay dear Lord beside me, help me to be strong,
don’t let me fall or stumble, or do anything that’s wrong.

Reading the prayers is no problem, I like to read it’s true,
but help me to see afresh the words and say them just for you.

No one is going to applaud when my voice I raise,
help me to read and sing the words only as your praise.

Help me to lead this service with faithfulness that’s true,
serving not my inner self, but serving only you.

If I make an error and don’t know what to do,
help me not to panic, but to go on serving you.

Stay beside me all the time, let me feel you near,
from the beginning, until the final prayer.

So dear Lord, I’m praying, guide me in all I do,
please make this morning’s day Holy just for you.

Reflection was first published in ‘Poems, Wanderings, Jottings’ in 2003. Daisy Betts died in 2013. (c) Betts Estate