God in the Time of COVID-19

"Thought provoking reflections, providing much needed spiritual nourishment to myself and my family living amid COVID" - Miss A Parry

Our new book ‘God in the time of COVID-19’ is now available to pre-order. This little book of articles and reflections is offered as a way of maintaining a connection and of nurturing the interior life. The reflections were originally written online, but many of these articles are now available in this book. There is a wide range of styles, content and approaches to suit the widest range of readers and all tastes. Writers include Fr Kevin Alban, O.Carm; Fr Brendan Grady, O.Carm; Fr Nicholas King, SJ; and many more.

Order your copy today via our online shop, or you can purchase on Amazon. Or, you can order by sending a cheque for £4.50 (incl a donation for P&P) to our PO Box address; or you can call 01795 539 214 and donate with a credit/debit card.

Each copy sold will enable the charity to support the presence and ministries of the Carmelite Friars in Great Britain and worldwide. The work of the Carmelite friars throughout the world is needed more than ever in this Pandemic. May God, who is never outdone in generosity, through the intercession of Saint Jude, bless you for your kindness and support of this book.

Full list of contributors:

  • Kevin Alban, O.Carm 
  • Matthew Betts 
  • Brendan Grady, O.Carm 
  • Richard Green, O.Carm 
  • Paul de Groot, O.Carm 
  • Francis Kemsley, O.Carm 
  • Nicholas King, SJ 
  • Hugh Parry 
  • Gerard Walsh, O.Carm 
  • John Warrington 

Articles include: 

  • Our Relationship with God 
  • What do we ask God for and why? 
  • Queens of England and Scotland 
  • Disciples in the New Testament 
  • Being a Disciple 
  • My Lord and My God 
  • Cauliflower Cheese 
  • How Saint Jude can help us to cope with COVID-19
  • Chatting with God 
  • Prayer as Friendship 
  • Pentecost and the Pandemic 
  • Hope in the New Testament 
  • Plus many more

Some reviews:

"Thought provoking reflections, providing much needed spiritual nourishment to myself and my family living amid COVID" - Miss A Parry

"Clear, profound and practical - you do not want to miss this book" - Mr A Joyce 

"Absolutely brilliant and a wonderful mix" - Mr J Griffiths

"Very pleased  with this book. It is a good mixture of thought, prayer, and even humour! Necessary antidotes in these troubled times! Every Christmas I send my church friends’ a religious item or booklet with their Christmas card; this  booklet is is perfect for that!" - Mrs M Round

"It's like the start of a joke: a Jesuit, a Carmelite, and a Parish Priest walk into a room.. but in this book, we get the humour, but we also get real answers we need for this Pandemic. Well done to all involved" - Mr M Sharrockian 

"I'll read a reflection per day. I've really enjoyed it so far, and pondered a lot" - Mrs C Roberts 

"I bought this for my mother who has struggled during lockdown with no Mass and Church engagement and it was something she really valued" - Ms CR

"Reflections for everyone - particularly liked the one on Resting and making time. Would highly recommend and coming back to it on a regular basis, as each reflection and read gives us something different to ponder. A timely publication that will bring you much joy (if you let it)."- Amazon

"I have recently received my copy of God in the time of Covid 19. It could not have been received at a better time and just the pick me up which I needed. Beautifully written and beautiful reflections. Prayers and blessings to you all and stay safe." - Elena Scaiola

"I really enjoyed this book." - E.A.

God the Father - Richard Joseph King (Shrine of Saint Jude)