26 June 2020

Though life is starting to return to normal, we are all still very aware that things will not be 'normal' for some time to come. Indeed, we are unable to open the Shrine at the moment, and many of our pilgrims must continue to rely on the internet for seeing the Shrine. Please rest assured that the Carmelite Community will continue to pray for you all. 

Next week, please look out for our new video, which may help friends of Saint Jude to reflect on the beauty of God’s world.

As we continue in these times, let us pray for the inner strength that God can help us with….

A Prayer for Inner Strength

Dear God, 
Please give me the strength
to endure this situation,
and to find the blessings
and lessons that it contains.

Please give me the endurance
to continue ahead.

Please guide my thoughts,
words and actions,
so that I walk your
path of peace and love.