7 June 2020

‘2020 is cancelled’ - Matt Betts

In three days, I will be celebrating a big birthday, and none of the plans I made earlier this year will see the light of day. Why? Well, the Coronavirus pandemic. A friend of mine who celebrated a different, but equally significant big birthday, told me that he was going to ignore his milestone birthday this year, and have a double celebration next year. Fair enough. Elsewhere in the UK media, headlines have appeared like these two ‘2020 is cancelled’, or ‘let’s forget 2020, and look forward to 2021’.  

Phrases like these and the sentiment have taken over the social media feeds and minds of many who are overwhelmed with the challenging obstacles that have been forged in the first half of this year.

However, one social media post is changing that narrative, asking an important question instead: What if 2020 isn't cancelled?

There is also a place for God too. Let us remember what Fr Kevin said earlier last week, “As we come back to life in society, we bring a new force, a creative spirit, and a renewed framework for living [just like at Pentecost]”. Fr Nick King wrote yesterday, “During this plague of the virus, have you felt God at work in your lives? And has that given you hope?”

Why don’t we reflect on these points today?

God is hope.

What about me then? Well, I have found the positives. I am going to have a socially distant BBQ; I am going to see my son on my birthday (when before all of this, he would have been at school!); and I am going to be ‘zooming’ friends and family on the day and before the day. Would that have happened without this pandemic? Possibly, but not in the same way.



  • The poem above is (c) Leslie Dwight and can be found, here